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Clean Sweep, Inc. can handle most all your exterior maintenance needs!

Clean Sweep does all types of exterior maintenance

Clean Sweep, Inc. has been performing asphalt maintenance for over 15 years, and is recognized as one of the area leaders in that regard.

Clean Sweep's Additional Services By choosing Clean Sweep to perform your exterior maintenance services, you can be assured of having top quality results. We invite you to use the link to the right to download a pdf file with all of our standard services. Need something done that isn't on the list? Just let us know!

For a quick link to each of our specific services, click on the title shown below. You may also scroll down the page to view detailed information on the asphalt services we provide.




Sealcoating Photos #1

When pavement isn't kept sealed, you will see it begin to wear at a rapid rate.

Sealcoating keeps the pavement surface coated and protected from wearing or chipping away. It also makes your pavement look much better. Our sealcoating machinery is designed to apply the correct coating across the entire pavement surface.

We schedule sealcoating jobs to minimize hassle and inconvenience to tenants and customers, and provide complete safety routing to ensure customer access during the application and drying time. If your pavement no longer has the sealcoat covering it needs to look good and keep wear to a minimum, we invite you to contact us for a free assessment and proposal for providing the sealcoating services you need.


Striping Animation Having a well-striped pavement promotes safety and, at the same time, shows you care about your customers and tenants.

Our striping teams are well trained and highly qualified to do your project. You will find that the finished product we provide looks better and lasts longer, thus stretching your CAM dollars.

The most cost-effective way to keep your parking lot striping looking good, as well as to minimize disruption to customers, is to plan for repairs in advance. If your striping isn't looking as good as it once did, we encourage you to contact us for a free assessment and estimated time for renewal. You'll be glad you did!


Asphalt Repair Photos Pavement that needs patching is a safety issue for pedestrians, negatively affects your property's appearance and more.

If you have potholes in your pavement, cracked curbline areas, etc., it is imperative they be fixed quickly. Not only is patching more expensive the longer the holes are left, but they are dangerous for pedestrians.

Since pavement sweeping requires a good seal between the air sweeper's sealing system and the pavement, your parking area cannot be kept as clean when their are potholes in the pavement. Further, the loose gravel will get tracked into your interior floor spaces, which will quickly increase the wear on those surfaces, as well.

Clean Sweep offers the personnel and most advanced infrared equipment needed to repair potholes inexpensively, and in a manner that will look good and extend the service life of your pavement. When this is done in a timely manner, the job is extremely cost-effective, especially when compared to the negative impacts you will see with leaving potholes in place. Be sure to check out the capabilities of our Kasi infrared asphalt repair system!

If you currently have potholes in any paved surface, we invite you to contact us for a free assessment and proposal for services.


Landscaping Animation Clean Sweep's professionals can keep your lawn and landscaping areas looking beautiful all year 'round.

Beautiful landscaping doesn't 'just happen.' If your property's landscaped areas aren't kept looking great, customers will definitely notice. This feature is one of the items that virtually every customer takes a look at each and every time they visit your property.

If you aren't happy with the way your landscaped areas are currently being kept up, aren't satisfied with the cost of upkeep, etc., then you owe it to your business to discuss it with one of our landscaping professionals. We encourage you to contact us for a free assessment and estimate for ongoing upkeep. Your plants -- and your customers and tenants -- will thank you for it!


Large Item Removal Animation If you build it, they will come -- and drop off their old couches, desks, refrigerators and more!

With the rise in the cost of disposal in the last few years, the incidence of large item dumping on commercial property has gone through the roof.

When your property is the victim of 'midnight dumping,' give us a call and we'll expedite pickup of the item(s). This is a low-cost but completely necessary service that we provide quickly, knowing that the items are a blight to your customers until they go away. Just let us know if you have items you need removed.


Large Item Removal Animation Whether you need new signage installed or vandalism repaired, you can count on Clean Sweep, Inc.

When you need new signs installed or when damage occurs to one of your existing signs, help is just a phone call away.

As many of our current sweeping customers can attest, they often hear about sign (and other) damage from one of our sweeper operators. That's because when you have Clean Sweep as your sweeping company, we are your 'eyes and ears' on the lookout for anything amiss on your property. However, if you have damage and didn't hear about it first from us, just give us a call or send us an online message and we'll get it fixed up for you promptly and cost-effectively.


Day Porter Services Sometimes keeping your property clean isn't just a matter of sweeping every night...

When you want to maximize the image and cleanliness of your property, we suggest utilizing our day porter service.

Let's face it, even when we sweep every night, all the material we pick up has been there for up to 24-hours. Some of our clients want any thrown debris removed as quickly as possible.

When you have our day porter service, you can be assured that litter won't be there long. If you'd like a quote on our constant upkeep services, let us know. We'll provide you with a free professional assessment of your needs and a quote for services, whether just on weekends or for every day of the week.

Why Choose Clean Sweep, Inc. Clean Sweep has a philosophy of service unlike any other sweeping or exterior maintenance companies in Louisiana.

For your future reference, we invite you to use the link to the right to download and print a pdf file that outlines the professional approach Clean Sweep, Inc. takes to all of our services. Please keep it in your files for future reference. When you need us, we'll be there for you!

If you would like a current reference list for any of the many services we offer, give us a call or use our contact form to request one.

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