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Louisiana's only NAPSA-Certified Sweeping Contractor
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Clean Sweep, Inc. is proud to be Louisiana's first and only Certified Sweeping Contractor!

Download Certification Info Our national certification is your assurance that Clean Sweep, Inc. adheres to the highest standards in the power sweeping industry. When you utilize Clean Sweep to handle your pavement sweeping, you'll get superior results each and every time.

When it comes to sweeping highways, construction sites and other types of heavy duty areas, you can count on Clean Sweep, Inc.

Clean Sweep does all types of sweeping

We routinely provide all types of heavy duty sweeping services, including:

  • Construction sites
  • Streets and highways
  • Cities and municipal agencies
  • Milling operations
  • Industrial sites

Whether you have the toughest milling job or a regular municipal sweeping route, we can handle it. Our employees are highly trained and able to contact our office at any time. The Clean Sweep fleet includes a variety of late model, municipal-class air and broom sweepers, so you can be assured we'll put the right machine – with the right operator – on your job each and every time.

Why power sweeping is vitally important to our environment.

There are no specific state-mandated regulatory requirements for sweeping companies. However, because of our emphasis on quality and many years of involvement with the power sweeping industry, Clean Sweep complies with the highest standards in our national industry.

Clean Sweep's professional management team is knowledgable about the many reasons why power sweeping is one of the most cost-effective ways that exist for keeping stormwater pollution from running off into our waterways, as well as why this same pollution – if left on parking lots, roadways and other paved surfaces – creates significant health problems.

Through our professional affiliation with 1800SWEEPER, an elite National Service Alliance, we offer a brief video showing the connection between power sweeping and the environment. Click here to take a look at this video, which is on our website's parking area sweeping page (opens into a new browser window).

Reasons to power sweep

We invite you to use the link shown to the right to see some of the many reasons street and construction sweeping are now considered first lines of defense against stormwater runoff pollution. You will find that using the resources of Clean Sweep, Inc., is one of the most cost-effective – and effective – ways to keep your streets and roadways clean.

Why Clean Sweep offers extra value

Clean Sweep management routinely attends our industry's national tradeshows and keeps up with the latest in equipment, Best Management Practices (BMPs), and the many emerging environmental reasons to utilize sweeping. We invite you to take a look at our pdf handouts on some of the topics that surround street and construction sweeping by using the links shown below.

Construction Sweeping:
Do It Safely and Efficiently

Construction Sweeping Factors to Consider
Construction Sweeping:
Best Management Practices

Construction Sweeping as a BMP

Power Sweepers Remove
Stormwater Pollutants

Construction Sweeping Factors to Consider
Roadway Sweeping and
NPDES Requirements

Roadway Sweeping and NPDES Requirements

Clean Sweep, Inc. complies with the highest standards in our national industry. We are the first -- and only -- contractor in Louisiana to gain professional 'Certified Sweeping Contractor' status through the North American Power Sweeping Association (NAPSA).

This comprehensive certification process cannot even be applied for until a sweeping company has been in operation for a minimum of five years. Then, NAPSA looks at all aspects of a company's operation prior determining whether or not it qualifies for Certification. To date, of the approximately 5,000 sweeping contractors in the U.S., fewer than 50 have gained the Certified Sweeping Contractor designation. Ethics Button Clean Sweep, Inc. is a Founding Member of the Ethics in Power Sweeping Program created by the editorial staff of, our industry's largest information resource. We invite you to use the button shown to the right to take a look at these requirements. Feel free to use the form to find out if your current contractor offers the same peace of mind and added value.

Why Choose Clean Sweep, Inc. Like what you read, but can't switch to Clean Sweep until a future date? For your future reference, we invite you to download and print out a pdf file that outlines the professional approach Clean Sweep, Inc. takes to parking area sweeping. Please keep it in your files for future reference. When you need us, we'll be there for you!

If you would like a current reference list for parking area sweeping or any of the projects we handle, give us a call or use our contact form to request one.

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